Trustworthy SEO consultants, especially those that you will find in SEO Explode, will tell you that if you want to increase your visibility in search engine results pages, you need to come up with great content for your website.

Search engines normally use algorithms in order to rank websites in their search results pages. Those that have organic and high quality content will be put on top of the list because they meet the needs of the consumers more than the others. If you are to continuously keep your customers interested in your website, you must give them something new to read every once in a while, probably once or twice a week.

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There are various ways of writing articles if your target is SEO. Although there really is no right or wrong when it comes to writing articles for the purpose of search engine optimization, there are guidelines which can help you in writing content that can help you reach your target.

SEO writing is not that different from just normal content writing for newspapers or magazines. The only difference that these two have is that unlike in writing articles for magazines, there are a lot more considerations when writing for SEO. The basic tenets, however, are still the same. This is where we are going to start our discussion.

The Basics

Regardless if you are writing for as a freelancer or you are writing for your own website or blog, the most important thing that you always need to remember is that your writing must be good all the time. You have to stick to a specific quality standard if you want your rankings in search engines to be boosted up.

When we say that the article should be “good”, it does not only encompass grammar competency and paragraph organization. It more has something to do with what the article is actually talking about, but grammar is still of course an important consideration. The articles that you are going to write should provide help to your readers. Your articles should provide your readers with a recognizable benefit, something which will attract them to view your website more. It has to be something that they can relate to right away and they can apply in their lives or in their businesses.

There is absolutely no point in creating an article that is jam packed with keywords that make no sense whatsoever. Many websites in the past have done keyword stuffing in their blog articles before, and these only proved to be detrimental to the performance of their websites. Customers who view nonsensical content will be turned off by what they read, and in effect, you will lose your sales.

If what you are writing will not provide your readers with anything beneficial, you might as well not write it at all. Also, do not expect it to be noticed or even linked to by link marketers, affiliate companies, or other entities which could have provided your website with more exposure for the purpose of marketing and advertisement, which would have boosted the rankings of your website.

The article that you are going to write must have that hook which will get your readers upon first glance. Your article should provide something new, and view the topic at hand from a different angle. That’s practically lesson one in freelance writing school.

Write with human readers in mind. Always think of the people who are going to read the content in your website first before you think of the algorithm which will find it.

SEO Components

SEO articles are made of two different yet significant parts.

•It must contain value added and relevant content.
•The content must have good website infrastructure support.

The most basic thing that you should learn in writing for SEO is the importance of keywords. Earlier we have talked about the importance of good content for your website, but it is also important to use keywords in your articles. These keywords should be incorporated well into the article as not to disrupt its natural flow, meaning you should put the keywords in the part of the article where it makes sense to put it.


Consultants like those in SEO Explode will tell you that there is no specific formula which will tell you which keyword to use for your article. For the most part, you just have to go with your gut feel. To make it simpler, the topic of the article can be the keyword that you are going to use.

Another trick is to just sit back with paper and pen in hand, and list down all of the words or phrases which may relate to the subject matter which you will talk about in your article.

For example: let us say that you are going to write an article about a bed and breakfast you found in Liverpool. Words such as “hotel”, “tourism”, “bed and breakfast”, “Liverpool”, and “accommodation” can be used as keywords for your article.

However, for many cases in freelance writing where you are going to be hired to write an article for someone else’s website, they would provide you with the keywords already, and all you have to do is to incorporate those keywords seamlessly in your articles.

What you have to remember when you use ready-made keywords for your article is that they should appear as naturally as possible. Do not force them in places where they will sound off or forced. If you have been writing for a long time, this is probably a no-brainer for you already.

Writing for SEO is not that different from writing for magazines and newspapers. Just make them useful and well-constructed, always use keywords well, and you’re basically good to go.

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